Tommy Petersson


Senior Consultant software developer with experience both with technical systems as well as administrative.

Tommy started working in 1979 and of the years in the business 22 has been as a consultant.

Apr 2017 to Feb 2018 - System Developer at Marval Nordic

Integration of Marval Service Managemenet system and ServiceNow/Medusa CM system. This includes both nightly batch transfer of data and live integration of Service Requests.

The system is built using a combination of C# and PHP.

.Net, C# and PHP

Feb 2016 to Dec 2016 - System Developer at Academic Work Sweden

Development of rule-based Asset Finance and Credit Processing Software.

.Net and C#

Mar 2014 to Nov 2014 - Application and Web Developer at MAILIT

A system for handling Customer Clubs and various sending of information (about campaigns, price changes…) using email and SMS.

C#, .NET, SQL Server

Mar 2011 to Nov 2013 - Application Developer at Bogleboo AB

Information system for the Clothing Industry.

The system took care of everything from a design idea up to when it was time for invoicing and bookkeeping, running in a multi-national network. The Development was test-driven and included a lot of client-side SQL development and SQL optimization.

Fullstack development with SQL Server, .NET and VB.NET. SCRUM.

Sep 2010 to Nov 2010 - System Developer at SourceTech AB

Development of an information system for Alcatel Telephone Exchanges.


Sep 2006 to Apr 2009 - Developer/Support/Dbadmin at Softronic Enterprise AB

Fullstack development of a complete Web based Insurance Management system using .NET, SQL Server, SSIS and C#.

During part of the time I also worked with support for the Customer’s IT Department and was admin of the test system with its databases.

.NET, SQL Server, SSIS and C#.

1986 to 2002 - Consultant at Enea Data

Worked with all phases of Systems Development – research, specification, analysis, design, project lead, development, testing and education.

The projects took mainly place at the customers’ site and were both database-based information systems and more technical systems.

Teacher in C programming, Unix and == design patterns.

RUP, DSDM (agile), C, C++, VB, Pascal, middleware and script languages

1983 to 1986 - Application Developer and Teacher at Future Data System

Developed an administrative system for personal computers (Accounting and Payroll), later upgraded to a multi-user system.

Analysis and development of enhancements for larger companies. Teacher of user courses.

Pascal, C, Assembly

1982 - System Developer at Philips Elektronikindustrier

Development of a simulator system for torpedo gunners.


1980 to 1986 - Educator at STF Ingenjörsutbildning

Held courses in Pascal programming about twice/year. Constructed parts of the course material.


1979 to 1982 - Programmer/tester at Ericsson Signal

Developed train control systems used in Europe and Australia, also did systems tests and on-site installation in Oslo.

Pascal, Assembly