Magnus Andersson


7 years’ experience from the banking industry as a consultant, combined with degrees in Engineering Physics as well as Financial Economics, have proved useful for various roles in the crossroad whe re business meets IT. He has experience of daily support function (FO-trading platforms) and projects (pre studies, upgrades, testing and system implementations). This experience comes from positions at Capital Markets, Treasury, Risk and IT departments.


2017 to Sep 2017 - Business Analyst at Nasdaq

As a requirement analyst He functioned as the interface between the business stakeholders and the IT organization by eliciting business requirements into detailed system requirements. This work was conducted in close cooperation with the team of developers and testers to ensure that everybody had a clear understanding of the requirements. At times he also worked with functional testing. His primary (internal) customer was the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, with complete product coverage of listed products and OTC in scope.

Genium INET Clearing

2015 to 2016 - Business Analyst/Murex Specialist at Svensk Exportkredit

Upgrade project, POC for VaR (Value at Risk), Full scale implementation of VaR. Participated in a major upgrade project from Murex MxG2000 to MX 3.1.33. This work involved various areas such as report testing, regression testing and dynamic testing. Participated in a POC for the VaR implementation project covering only the liquidity portfolio and a limited subset of risk factors. In depth knowledge of the VaR model. This included requirement gathering, testing and follow up.

Participated in a VaR implementation project in MX3, complete coverage of the SEK portfolio. This involves several areas such as the rebooking of a number of complex structured products, reconciliation, market data etc. In addition to the various project activities, He was involved in both business and IT support for the Mx3 trading application. This involves mainly minor changes, development, updates and general questions.


2014 to 2015 - Business Analyst at SEB

Implementation of Liquidity Risk tool at Group Risk. Part of the Proof of Concept and project team for a Liquidity Management project aiming at meeting the new regulatory demands within the Basel IIHE framework (CRD IV). His responsibility was the positions on the bank´s Trading Book, requirement analysis and stress testing. Covering all Derivative, Repo and Secure Lending positions for all divisions of the bank. LCR/NSFR metrics amongst other.

2012 to 2014 - Business Analyst/Murex Specialist at Handelsbanken Capital Markets

Business responsible for Murex installation at Handelsbanken. In charge of the daily support function for the Murex installation on Handelsbanken (FX options). His primary focus was the FO environment taking incoming request and making various kinds of analysis and testing in that context. In addition of this his role included close contacts with the technical part of the support organisation as well as othe r stakeholders. His responsibility also was also a number of smaller trading platforms for FX, Bonds and Commodities.

2011 to 2012 - Business Analyst at Swedbank

Pre study and POC in order to maximize the utility of the Covered Bonds pool for Covered Bonds. Cross functional problem solver, ranging from algorithm development to requirement Specifications. To convert new business needs, regarding housing credits, into viable solution without breaching regulatory prudency. His work was to conduct a pre study and Proof of Concept for what later turned into a high priority project with the main objective to increase the Covered Bonds pool for the bank. This work included many stakeholders from Treasury, legal IT etc. Analysis of complex collateral structures, Covered Bonds.

2010 to 2011 - Business Analyst at SEB Merchant Banking

Part of Summit Support team, FO primary focus. Working with interest Rate Derivatives (Summit Support) with a focus on business oriented production issues. His role role was to bridge to trading floor with the more technical parts of our team. The work in the summit team included daily problem solving as well as various projects, amongst othe rs upgrade projects. Summit 5.23/5.4/5.7 with a strong preference for Summit FT.